But hey, we all got different tastes homepage, but Chrono Trigger was your #1 so I agree on that. This is a great article I must admit being a vetrion of the SNES but let me ask you one question retromaniac.WHY LEAVE STARFOX OUT OF THIS LIST? I know it belongs on a peripheral list as it really "is not a game," but without its support, these games would have a more limited replay value as well as a limited audience.

I was not a casual gamer back in 1991 and the following yesteryears, but even as a diehard fan of video games, I didn’t like games that made gaming a chore rather than an entertaining experience. Sadly, no such device exists today for modern consoles. And I also remember writing my own codes to boost up the stock codes. The most recent on Gamecube had no option to really make your own codes. Glad to see RocknRoll Racing and super punch out make a list.

I defintely agree with every single game there as part of my big top list. However, turtles in time is a top 5 for me, and chrono trigger and secret of mana are #1 and #2 respectively to me.

There are also capsules left by Dr. Light that are hidden in some of the stages. If Mega Man can find them, he can enhance his abilities .

Games That Are Astoundingly Good

After six NES titles, Mega Man finally made his way to the SNES. The game takes place 100 years after the original series.

While it is one of the few games to receive a perfect 10 on Gamespot.com, it has very little to do with the original Chrono Trigger story. I enjoyed playing many of those games as when I was younger, and now thanks the Wii’s Virtual Console I think we’ll see many of these games again.

Mega Man faces a new breed of robots, far more advanced then anything Dr. Wily was ever able to cook up. Although the basics from the original series are still here (8 stages, 8 robot masters, defeat them and gain their powers, etc.) there are new elements such as being able to cling to walls and dash .

The idea seemed pretty silly at the time – Mario and his pals race against each other in go-karts. But the game was such a blast to play , that it quickly became one of the best selling games on the SNES. Like F-Zero, Mode 7 graphics are used for the 3D tracks (with no where near the speed of F-Zero). You must get items to throw or launch at opponents like turtle shells, and banana peels.

Finding A Secondhand Console

There are three Mega Man X games on the SNES, and I actually like them all equally. I just choose the first Mega Man X to represent them all on my list. The entire go-kart racing game craze began with a little SNES title from 1992 called, Super Mario Kart.

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