Ak Bars started the season with usual hard. Perhaps it’s even too hard: so on Monday, after a fun Sunday feast, they wake up early in the morning by an alarm clock to work. Everything is aching, my head is cracking, but I have to go. But even in this state, he will still be the favorite of the Minsk match. Not because they are potentially much stronger than Minskers, but because Minskers now also look unimportant. And they can resist the “big Tatars” on equal terms only on the physical and spiritual ascent, which nowadays does not exist at all.

At the same time, the rivals won two victories this season, and the Minskers even needed one game less for this. But the statistics of personal meetings is relentless: the guests have more than a three-fold advantage in the number of victories in their get-togethers, and the Minskers have not been able to defeat them on their site for the third year already.

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It seems that they will not be able this time too – for the reasons mentioned above. It seems that even for a draw in the main time, the “bison” will have to jump over their heads, and it is not a fact that they will jump. Even assuming that the sight shot down by the Ak Bars snipers will still be able to be corrected. Now the Kazan scorers are taken not by quantity, but by quality, it turns out not everywhere and not always, but in Minsk this should be enough.

Total: away victory of “Ak Bars” in a very “grassroots” match, with a minimal advantage, but still in regulation time.

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